Are you Break-aligned?

This may sound like a weird question to you, but it will make sense soon. The most important element of the injury prevention in the life of the dancer is body alignment, bio-mechanics of movement and the overall dance technique.

Did you ever get injured?

Dance, as any sport, requires excellent physical skills including agility, stamina, brain-neuromuscular synchronization and corporal tolerance and resistance!!!

Every time you perform or train, you strain your body to unusual and severe forces. When the injury prevention factors are not applied during Breaking, Popping, Hip-hop freestyle and any other dance activity, injuries may occur; those injuries may go away or may have a chronic effect in the dancer’s life.

How can you avoid of getting injured?

There exists some information in dance medicine and science research but when the above question comes in Breaking and Hip-hop, answers get blurred.

We investigated the factors that may cause injuries, organised them and created a method on how to train and perform properly and therefore, preventatively avoid injuries. You can then just focus on mastering your craft!

How far can you go?

The human body works in a wonderful way, sending nerve signals through receptors of senses and movement, and it is up to each one of YOU to understand what those signals mean for injury prevention.

When you push yourself in a safe manner new limits are available to you. Each time you better and better with minus risk. How far can you go and still be safe?