Project Breakalign is a research project on the prevention of injuries for dancers.

The research takes place in London, 2013 and still continues until today. A team of specialists from USA and Europe and various backgrounds (dance team and medical scientists) but with the same passion for breaking, decides to connect their knowledge for a common goal: to protect the breakers from being injured.

If you are a breaker or if you know one, you should know that pain and injuries are part of breakers’ life. The high physical requirements along with the impetuous passion of this style of dance, make it impossible to not continuously test the limits of their body.

The research focuses on the biomechanics and physiology of breakers. The information being drawn from the research is then applied to practice through an educational conditioning methodology for dancers.

Project Breakalign received funding to create the Breakalign Method from the Centre National de la Danse of France for the year 2015-2016. Since then the outcomes has been shared across the world in over than 15 countries through educational workshops, lectures or backstage injury advice and therapy to more than 2000+ dancers. As a dance science representative, Project Breakalign will continue contributing to the dance community for as long as dancers benefit from it.

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