About Project Breakalign

Project Breakalign is a prevention of injuries research project for dancers.

The academic research of the project team focuses on the bio-mechanics and physiology of breakers. The information being drawn from the research is then applied to translating the knowledge for the community of the dancers, especially hip-hop dancers.

Our Vision

Project Breakalign was founded in 2013 by Nefeli Tsiouti (Bgirl sMash). It is a project that has as its aim to prevent injuries for dancers, specifically breakers.

Our Mission

Project Breakalign’s mission is the prevention of injuries for dancers. The research and methodology behind Project Breakalign’s work is focused on Breaking (‘Breakdance’, as known by the media), but the theoretical and practical education is necessary and applied to all dance genres. It revolves around the anatomy, the biomechanics , the physiology and the psychology of the dancer. Project Breakalign consists of a team of dance and medical specialists from Europe and the U.S.A.. (More info about the team, in the Team members section).


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