#4 Alignment

(written by Nefeli Tsiouti) Does alignment derive from ‘line’? Alignment. A word that is very trendy to use nowadays in fitness classes and within the health industry. But what exactly does it entail? The word alignment derives from the French word ‘ligne’ which means line. It is defined by bringing something in a line, in... Continue Reading →

#3 Creativity and the Breakalign Method

(written by Nefeli Tsiouti) What is the Breakalign Method? The Breakalign Method is a conditioning programme, based on the physiological and biomechanical analysis of the demands in the artform of Breaking (or ‘Breakdance’, as known by the media). Project Breakalign received funding to create the Breakalign Method from the Centre National de la Danse (2015-2016),... Continue Reading →


1.There is special provision for dance related injuries in the NHS This includes specialists who know and understand that hip hop injuries and environment is different to other dance disciplines, doctors who understand that ‘rest until it gets better’ is not always the best approach and people who can advise you how to recover from injuries... Continue Reading →

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