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Child of This culture, Florida USA – Partnership

Past Collaborations:
The Notorious IBE 2014, 2016
Battle Of The Year World Finals 2015
Catch The Flava/Outbreak Slovakia 2015, 2016
Massive Camp 2016
Pioneers A History of Dance (PHD) UK 2013-2015
Cologne Circle 2015

Review of Varidesk Cube Plus 40 (2019 review)
By Nefeli Tsiouti, Founder of Project Breakalign

Finally, a solution that solves many problems. Not having to change ten chairs in the house, until you find the one with the appropriate height and depth. Varidesk Cube Plus 40 does this for you! Also, having enough space around the screens and keyboards to place things and place things safely. But the most important thing for me, is the adjustment of the height, in relation to how deeply in the desk my screen and keyboard are, which prevents me from flexing my neck towards the front, and my spine can stay straight at all times. It is very important for me and my work to sit in ergonomic positions, and to make sure that when I have to spend long hours in front of the screen, I am comfortable, with correct posture, but that I can also adjust the height and stand for a bit or sit on a medicine ball etc, to have variety in my body, even if being sedentary. The only thing you have to make sure of before buying it, is to have a solid desk to hold the weight of Varidesk; however the fact that it is heavy gives you a security of groundedness when working on it.

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