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 Founder & Manager

Nefeli Tsiouti (Bgirl sMash) – Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Scientist, Sports Massage Therapist, Lecturer in Dance, Researcher, Physical Therapy student

Nefeli Tsiouti Headshot (5) Kien Quan
Photo: Kien Quan

Nefeli graduated with a BA in French Language & Literature (University of Athens), an MA in Choreography (Middlesex University), an MSc in Dance Science (Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance), supported by 3 scholarships from Trinity Laban, a BSc in Physical Therapy (European University Cyprus) and a Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (Sports Therapy UK). Currently she serves on the Board of Directors of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS). She is also a Choreographer, Bgirl, and works at the Healthalign Medical & Health Centre in Nicosia, Cyprus as a physiotherapist treating mostly dancers.

Nefeli has been dancing for 24 years, having as her main dance training classical ballet in Cyprus and Greece, and later on breaking/hip-hop in Greece and the UK. She was a Lecturer in Dance at Universities across London from 2011-2015. In the midst of her journey as a professional dancer and maker, Nefeli underwent a serious operation due to an injury which stopped her from continuing her career smoothly. Nefeli has devoted her work to the mission of reducing the risk of injuries and offering career longevity to a healthier dancer, with Project Breakalign’s research, lectures, workshops and her active participation in international breaking competitions since her return to performing in 2011. Nefeli was awarded the following awards for her dance medicine and science research: Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund (NY, USA), Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship (Italy), Gill Clarke Resource Fund, ‘Centre National de la Danse’ research funding (France) to develop the ‘Breakalign Method’, ‘Dance UK’s Dancers’ Mentoring Programme’, finalist for the ‘Change Maker Award’ by London Inspires Awards, as well as 5 grants from the Ministry of Education & Culture of Cyprus.

International speaking engagements between 2012-2022 include Dance Science Research Network Symposium (Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance), One Dance UK’s Conference Mind the Gap: Train Smart / Improve Performance (UEL), Interweaving Cultures (University of Malta), Centre National de la Danse (France), Brazil-UK Network in Dance Medicine & Science (Brazil), Performing Arts Medicine Association’s Annual Conference (L.A.), Healthy Dancer Canada Annual Conference (Canada), International Association for Dance Medicine & Science Annual Conference 2016-2021 (Hong Kong, Texas, Finland, Montreal), Serendipity’s Blurring Boundaries: Urban street meets contemporary dance (UK), PoP Moves Emerging Scholars Symposium 2012 (UK), Conference of Contemporary Music & Dance (UK) and more. Nefeli’s professional performance and/or choreographic credits include Olympics Opening Ceremony, RIOT Offspring/Sadlers Wells, Open Art Surgery/Breakin Convention, Dance Umbrella/Barbican, B.Supreme UK Tour, BIDE, The Place and more. In addition, she was a model in the ELLE-Adidas MyGirl Global campaign in 2013. She has been competing in Breaking battles since 2010 and won B.Supreme bgirl battle in 2013.

Medical & Exercise specialists Bboys:

Gavin Vincent (Bboy Hawkz, Soul Mavericks crew, UK) – Dancer, Physiotherapist

gavin vincent

As a senior member of the Soul Mavericks Crew, Gavin has performed worldwide and represented the UK competitively for the past 11 years. Gavin’s dance style is both fluid and intricate and he has a wealth of power moves which are effortlessly combined with technical and innovative transitions. As an experienced and versatile b-boy, Gavin has the ability to adapt his movements to multiple performance environments and fuse with other styles of dance. With an extensive list of accolades spanning the length of his career, as well as being a qualified physiotherapist, his multiple skills and undeniable talent make him one of the UK’s most prolific b-boys.

etary habits, nutrition knowledge and supplement use among Breakers. He is also an active bboy, competing internationally, dance teacher and self-employed performer. Additionally, he does calisthenics, a bit of Olympic weightlifting and overall he is researching other possible training methods to support dance. He is very interested in nutrition, health, exercise physiology and sports psychology. Within nutrition, his interests are intermittent fasting diets (20-23h fasting/day), vegan and vegetarian diets, fasting, caloric restriction and sports/health supplements. He has personal experiences of all dietary lifestyles mentioned above and he is still researching them. He is planning to obtain MSc in Sports Nutrition and also accreditation by ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition). He has also gained experiences in Nutritional Therapy. Moreover, he is currently working with a few professional athletes from several sports (crossfit, football) with the vision to transform his experience to breakers.

Miguel Aragoncillo (Bboy Miggsy Boggs, U.S.A.) – Human Performance Coach


Miguel first came into contact with the scene by watching music videos on TV in 2002, in which he began the process of teaching himself the movements he has seen on TV. He began learning on his own, and then traveled into the Philadelphia area to learn more on bboying, housing, and the various funk styles from several different crews. With this same process of learning comes trial by error which carried with it injuries in a several forms.

From his own injuries stemmed a love for understanding biomechanics and motor control, learning why we move the way we move, on top of learning ways to improve performance for other dancers. By understanding the fundamentals and applying them in a pragmatic manner, Miguel quickly gained a reputation and began working with athletes and dancers in the US, East Coast area, and beyond. Miguel has a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, and along with working with top professionals in the strength and conditioning world, regularly cooperates with physical therapists to improve performance outcomes for dancers, athletes, and general population aliker of Physical Therapy student at Chapman University in Irvine, CA. Growing up in Taiwan, Rob was introduced to breakin’ in 1999, which also sparked interest in other forms of dance. In 2008, Rob received his BA from Chapman University in Communication Studies, along with a dance performance minor. He subsequently pursued a professional dance career in the LA commercial dance industry but found a passion for teaching and education. He has had the privilege of sharing and connecting with students from various high schools, colleges, as well as fellow dance educators across the US and in Taiwan. Through teaching and witnessing the positive power of change through movement, Rob was motivated to continue his education and pursue physical therapy in 2015, in hopes of raising injury prevention awareness in dance. Currently, Rob is formulating research examining factors which contribute to low back pain in breakers, and plans to continue devoting time to spreading injury prevention awareness in dance through clinical practice and public education.

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